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Coming in 2017:
The Renault Energy F1-2017 power unit (R.E.17 in different branded versions) will be powering 3 different Formula 1 racing teams in 2017: Renault Sport Formula One Team. (R.S.17), Red Bull Racing (Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB13) & Toro Rosso-Renault (STR12).
Coming in 2016:
The Renault Energy F1 2016 power unit (R.E.16) will be powering the
Renault Sport Formula One Team in 2016.

2016 Renault R.E.16 Technical Specification
Displacement 1.6L V6
Number of cylinders 6
Rev limit 15,000 rpm
Pressure charging Single turbocharger, unlimited boost pressure (typical 4 bar abs)
Permitted fuel quantity per race 100 kg
Configuration 90 V6
Bore 80 mm
Stroke 53 mm
Crank height 90 mm
Number of valves 4 per cylinder, 24
Exhausts Separated outlets for both turbine and wastegate on car centre line
Fuel Direct fuel injection
Energy Recovery Systems
MGU-K rpm Max 50,000 rpm
MGU-K power Max 120 kW
Energy recovered by MGU-K Max 2 MJ/lap
Energy released by MGU-K Max 4 MJ/lap
MGU-H rpm >100,000 rpm
Energy recovered by MGU-H Unlimited
Weight Min 145 kg
Number of Power Units permitted per driver in 2016 5* (*drops to 4 if 20 GPs or fewer are included on calendar)
Total horsepower Approx 875 hp

The Renault Energy F1 2016 power unit (R.E.16) will be powering 2 different Formula 1 racing teams in 2016:
Renault Sport Formula 1 team (R.S.16) and Red Bull Racing (Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB12)

47 pages of data on the 2016 program.

The Renault Energy F1 2015 power unit will be powering 2 different Formula 1 racing teams in 2015:
Renault Sport F1 racing team (Red Bull RB11) and Toro Rosso (Toro Rosso STR10)
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Note: The RENAULT ENERGY F1 Power Unit was originally named Renault RS34
which evolved to ENERGY F1

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